Gii St uaents

@, Ry

SC S uWn% of Naana Domic%

H+ R.   50

Other ltudenG

@ Rs. 100


2.   Non-refundable Regi5tFation Fee” .shall be charged from the applicants w.e.I sessit›n 2022-23 and will be as follow:

J. Late fe‹ will âu chai qed from the applicants abm'iued thro.ugh Upen Counselling and is as. foll:ow:-

Late Fee ( 1   week during Open Counselling)

Rs. 100

Frcnz 2”! Week anwards during Open Counselling

Rs. 100 + Rs. 100.

“Registration See and Late flee shall remain with the fitate ‹finvernmen I


ñ. Fee/F-unJ structure for admission to various .courses Sh0II b as per Site ’COLI/LIñiVefSitY n0FI IS.

5.        No change will be allow.ed after 1ee’zng th”e sñb}ect coinbina.tion seats, so the

co|eges a:eadviStd to?l| the combinaGon seat asper their requirement 2eeping in view.the prev.iou”s yeai's adrriission ti ends.

C. PPP shall remain rnandatuiy In Havana suderits ror @king admlssiuns in Degree

Coll g.os /\Iso, the caste/reservaFidn/fina”ncial benefi’t:s tic .candidate shall

D.0 OF tI-if b Sus Of V rlflCd .C65t€'/IFICOfV fLLChGd h él*.. Any M.Al.\rLfIfI.r'O ClDtd. of I’.PP cf.thC- Ea didate shall lead,ro his candidature considered in general category Only.

7.      \ of courses having mujtiple subject corr binafidns (>=3g, ft shall be rr›ade mandatory for candidates to choose m’inimum ? subject combinations 'In nne college/different co.IIeges at the’tinze of filling I.he admission form.

8.      Weiql Lags cri\er’ia for prepari’ng, the merit list during session 20t“2-23 shall also stand same as was ›n the session 2021-22.

9.        The State Resei-vation Policy sha›II be followed ifi Iett’er end spirit.

f’0. Plerit llsts. for sessinñ 2O22-23 shall Ge prapared after considRring marks in the v«!I*t=g examination„ .weightage. and. State Reservatio.n Policy on the same pattern as Followed session Z02\ -22..

11. ’Dnllne DocunsenFs Verification shall be arridd ou•t dy the college opted as fimt ch0.|c I3y the applicant. All colleges: including Govt. Coll’eges.. God’. Aided Cel.legs

Documats Verification...

1.2. Alsb, .coilegg shBll ensure the inclusion of SporB Seats while filling the Seats of a.

.course,. II applicable. The process .of Sporl:s Seats, i.f appñcable, shall be ensured by the ”Coll.eges only :during open counsell ^9. is per affiliating Lln\v.ersity/SGte Governs.ent norms.

t3. The a0pI whose adrift.ssion is confirrried shal.I suomit his/her.original nligration

.ceriircate in tfi0 CDllege wlthin tcn .days of admission, if”be/she !nas the

.qualifying exarriination from any .Board other than Board .of School Fducaticin. Haryana,

14. Timelv submission of Itegi tratlcn Return in 'the affiliating, UniversiW shall. be ensured by the Colleges only.

1 S.    */ cot le¿Ics slow ensure that Sñ6tS he filled. acr.nrdlng to. n0rms. Oil.y.

IG, Refund, if Any,. to. the students shall be ensured. by .he Colleges .oñiy as. per

a fTiIi’atign    »•   rein/State Govern"ment norms. The coll@d is also authorized Fo

take the sho,it payment, if arid., from’ the student at.later stage as per norms.

”1.7. Tha mocle of fee collection; from student   suring 2072-23 wlll be Online, whereas offline ijaode will be added during the open/pI                  sical COunseTlinq.

<*9 tration on Online Admission Porta! is mandatory for admission seekers. In no C!F. UITt-8ldnCO9„dC[IT}lSSiOn without regifi(raf}on Dn portal shall be aiIowc¿I.

The students wi’II be initially given pr0vlsiona.I admission unly!, subject to the verifi‹a on of fheir documents .by the College/AffilibtJng 'tJniverslty. In case of any disciepaficy at any Stage, ’the ,college Is” authorized ’to r.angel .the provisional

Bd1lSSI0ñ oflthe student without any natlce or”can change his/her stream/subjects


o.  ayaila. billLy  Of  seats  &  hls/her  ,•lllin. g. n.e.s. s.  .it

.shall be the sol.e

responsluility of the stucIer›t O confirm the cligiblIicy ›n the courses .Tom

colleges/’affiliating un.ivcrsity in which he/she has uppIi fid.for.

20. Earned Leaves shall be granted as par .n0rms Lo the staff .mawbers on admission

dul es ‹J‹ ring the sumrhL'r varatians. riotificd by the afflllating UniverSiti s„ if and'..

7J . Time° otlleL ad2ilion .guicI.eTInes/inshuctions. issued by .the Oepament of HighCr Education,. H.aryana in.the session 202t -22 shall also be auring academic session 2’02 -23,

22.   Fresh inktructions, if any, shal.I be uploaded/dlspl’ayed. on .clepartrnerit. website

https://high •dA .are and https://ag

?3. Mr any .adm!'ssI‹4a iuIar‹M c ‹iury., Student .can c‹ ntact .r›it.leer ori Tell I-rod Nb. Ig0ñ -

80-2 t33..or .on I-cIpdesk email id:adrn.iss!ons# higherco

?4. Im:plementation of .COVtD guideli.nes/protocol issued .by the State Government

shall tje. ensured by the Colleges.

Z5.. PrinEipz I  Of the Cc›Ilr.ges must ensure to ad‹J those Cuur*es S‹ SuhjuCts only. .a.n

the-   online-   .adrriission    portal    which    ha ve   been        approved                by        ’Sta.1