All students are expected to observe rules and regulations to enable the smooth working of the college and keep Harmony, Silence and Educational Atmosphere in the College premises. Therefore all students of College are introducing the following code of conduct which must be followed by every student of the college. 
Students are expected to maintain the decorum of college campus.
 Rule and regulations of the College is mandatory to follow. They shall act in an exemplified way of discipline. 
o Choice based credit system is followed. Hours given to the credit is followed in six days working schedule from Monday to Saturday. Classes are scheduled from 9:00 AM to 3:45PM.
Students must be punctual and regular in attending classes, tutorials, class tests examinations etc. Failure to obtain the required attendance percentage, non-submission of assignments and unjustified absence from tests /examinations will be treated as breaching the code of conduct.
Students should greet the lecturers when they see them/across them for the first time, in a day, in the college.
Students shall rise from their seats when the teacher enters the class room and remain standing till the teacher takes her/his seat or they are allowed by the teacher to sit. Silence shall be observed during class hours.
Student must be seated in their classrooms at the beginning of each period. They must not enter or leave the class room without permission of the lecturer.
Students during lab periods have to report to the lab directly in time and they are not expected to go to the classroom.
In the events of Student seminars/project presentations etc., it is compulsory that all the students of the concerned class be present for the entire session.
Students can leave the campus during class hours only after prior permission from the Principal, HOD, or the tutor and after submitting written application.
All students shall leave the classes immediately after the termination of class hours. No students shall wander or gather in verandah, corridor, and staircase etc. Do not spend much time in canteen, coffee shops etc.
When a lecturer is absent or is unable to take class, students should maintain a strict order among themselves so as to not disturb the adjoining classes. Under no circumstances should they leave the classroom without ascertaining the relieve orders from the Staff room.
All leave applications (Regular & Medical) shall be submitted in time, for sanction by HOD and concerned teachers. Application for medical leave shall be accompanied by valid medical certificates.
All the students are expected to attend all college functions and activities keeping discipline and decorum of the college unless otherwise specified.
All the student of the college must always wear the valid Identity Card issued by the college with their recent photograph affixed, bearing the signature of the Principal, around the neck.
Parking of vehicles should be only in the space allotted.
Students are expected to maintain silence in the academic buildings to maintain the decorum and, any deviant behavior such as hooting, whistling, loitering etc. will be treated as an instance of indiscipline
For independent study, students are expected to use the class rooms, library or the demarcated areas of the academic building and shall not resort to sitting in stair cases or circulation areas where they could interfere with the free movement.
Access to academic buildings beyond the above timing and on holidays without written permission from the concerned HOD will be treated as a case of indiscipline.
Students are expected to treat the members of the staff both teaching and non teaching and their fellow students with courtesy both in and outside the College. Students shall not, by their act or conduct, cause damage to the reputation of the institution.
Keep the campus neat and clean. Do not put any waste anywhere in the campus except in the waste baskets kept. Any violation of this shall invite a minimum fine of Rs. 100/-.
Use of Plastic Bags, Plastic covers and Plastic made crockeries are totally banned in the campus. Any violation of this rule is subject to heavy penalty.
Consumption of intoxicants / psychotropic substances in any form or smoking or using chewing- gum, pan masala etc. are strictly prohibited
It is strongly advised to refrain from activities such as scribbling or noting on walls, door or furniture which could deface the college and destroy the academic ambiance
Carefully handle the furniture, equipment’s, fixtures and appliances of the college and lab. Careless handling/misuse of the above could result personal injuries or damage to property Follow safety precautions near moving machines and electrical installations. In the event of damage of property, the responsible students will have to bear the cost of replacement/repair with fine.
Students are not permitted to arrange any unauthorized celebrations and decorations of any magnitude in the campus.
Students are not permitted to distribute or display (both physically and electronically) material such as notices, banners, X'mas stars etc. in the campus without the permission of the competent authority.
Students are expected to make use of academic, co-curricular and extracurricular facilities available to the optimum levels. This will certainly make them physically fit, academically competent, mentally alert and socially sensitive

Students who intend to represent the college in intercollegiate events shall take prior permission from the concerned head of the department and the selection will be based on parameters such as academic performance, attendance, character, existing academic pressure and competence of the student in the proposed event for participation
On duty leave applications will not be entertained beyond 10 working days from the actual date of leave under any circumstance. The maximum number of on duty leave admissible is restricted to 10 days per semester
During internal examinations students are not allowed to leave the hall within one hour from the beginning of the exam, and students have to occupy the seat 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
The College Union will be constituted as per the recommendations and approval of the Department of Higher Education, Haryana.
Laptops/computers are to be used in the campus for academic purposes only.
Misbehavior towards girl students, use of threat or violence against members of the staff or fellow students will be considered as very serious cases of misconduct.
Pay fees, bus-passes etc. in advance or in time, which will avoid fines.
Anyviolationoftheaboveruleswillinvitepenaltyintheformofwarning,fine,calling parents or any course of corrective measure as found suitable by any staff member or higher authority.
The principal shall be final authority in the interpretation of the college rule.
Matters not coveredbytheserulesarelefttothediscretionoftheprincipalandhis/herdecision shall be final.
Ragging is an offence. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus/premises. Any student/students involved in such activities will be immediately expelled from the college.
If any student/students is/are affected by the ragging in the college premises or outside of the college, He/She/They must inform immediately to the Principal/ Discipline & Ragging committee Coordinator. 

All the students are advised to follow the following guidelines for mobile phone usage inside the college campus.
o Students are not permitted to use mobile phones in the class rooms and during Lab hours.
o Students appearing for examinations should not bring the mobile phones to the college.
o Students carrying mobile phones to the college shall deposit the same at counter of Library during reading hours and can collect the same after leaving the library.
o The mobile phones shall be kept in silent mode while depositing in the designated place.
o All the staff members are empowered to confiscate mobile phones found with students violating the rules.
Students violating the above rules will be fined an amount of Rs 100/- and the confiscated mobile phones will be returned to the students only after the due assurance from parents. 
    Staff members are allowed to use mobile phones in their respective cabins/designated places only.
Accessing Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. is prohibited within the college campus.