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Sh. Sudhir Kumar Sharma


“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation.” -African Proverb Women who constitute half the global population are the true builders of a nation. Education provides them the opportunity to make informed choices and enable them to seek freedom and empowerment.An educated woman not only influences her community/society with a broad perspective but also enlightens her environment, her life and her nation. RGGCW was established in 2003 with the motto of empowering girl students through quality education.Since its inception, the institute has worked hard in imparting value based learning and focusing on holistic development of students. The skilled dedicated and experienced faculty is continuously striving towards endorsing skill based knowledge and learning to our girl students. The institute boasts of many ICT enabled classrooms, seminar hall, well-equipped library and laboratories.We are continuously taking several green initiatives to build our campus clean and green. The sole purpose of our institution is to mould our young girls as academically excellent, socially responsible and environment sensitive. We wish all the success and happiness to our graduated students and welcome the new young minds with a warm heart.